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How to activate your Roku streaming device using   

Roku, the popular streaming device platform arrives with the top models. Select the best model, activate and stream the favourite programs that you like the most. It’s always good to spend your free time staying apart from the day to day job routine. Move to the Roku com link channel store to begin your search to find the most entertaining Roku channels. Free, paid and private channels are available and you can start the activation right away. Let us explore more about the Roku streaming gadgets .As the features and specifications are amazing, these devices are in more demand among the customer’s .it’s time to purchase your favorite model and you will never end up feeling bored streaming.

Want to know what are the top models available?

Check out the reviews to decide the model to buy. As the latest streaming device models are updated with the operating system version 9.1, these models stand ahead in performance when compared with other streaming devices.

Introducing the most-streamed models here

Let us introduce the most-streamed models here and each of these gadgets has its unique features and specifications. It’s your interest to choose the one that suits your budget and requirement .

  • Roku streaming stick and streaming stick plus
  • Roku ultra.
  • Premiere and Roku premiere plus.
  • Express and Roku express plus.
  • Old models such as Roku 2, Roku 3 and Roku 4.
Roku Models

What are the top features of Roku models?

  • Screen mirroring to cast the screen of your mobile device or tv to a big screen
  • Remote that arrives with a headphone jack for private listening
  • Roku feed to get the latest updates
  • Quad-core processor to offer excellent streaming performance
  • Night listening mode
  • Channel short cut buttons on remote
  • Optical digital audio output
  • Access to the most entertaining streaming channels
  • 4k and Ultra HD streaming
  • HDMI, ethernet, and micro sd slot
  • Voice search
  • Gaming
  • Roku search feature
  • 802.11b/g/n/ dual-band mimo
  • Point anywhere remote
  • Make a note that the features and specifications vary and depend upon the model that you choose

Want to know how to activate your Roku streaming gadget?

Once if you decide the model to buy, refer the device setup guide for activation. Suggest you read and understand the steps for activation and the device setup manual will have the required information. Collect the preliminary requirements before you proceed

  • Power cable and power adaptor
  • Premium HDMI cable
  • Router to connect your device
  • Device activation code or linking code.

How to execute the Hardware setup?

  • Connect the hardware requirements and slide the power cable to power up the device
  • Use a premium HDMI cable to connect Roku streaming gadget to the TV.
  • Connect one end of the cable to HDMI port of the device and another end to the HDMI port of the tv
  • For old Roku streaming device models, composite audio video cables are recommended and
  • It’s important to fix the cables to the exact port.
Roku Hardware Setup

Roku language and display setup

Set the language and display

  • For all the brand new models, the initial and guided setup is must to be done
  • Move to the Settings >Display to personalize your device display screen
  • Besides, you can also set the language that you prefer
  • Set the time zone once if you require a prompt

Activate the network connection

  • Select the network connection type and include both wired and wireless connector.
  • If you prefer wireless, choose the settings and you will receive a prompt to type wireless network username and password. Tap on the connect tab and wait until the network connection is active.
  • For wired connection, a USB cable is required
  • The streaming gadget will now update the software automatically and you can check if the software updated is the latest and compatible version
  • The very next step is Roku account creation and linking the device using the page Roku com link.

Do you have a Roku account?

if you have a account, sign in with the credentials . The customers who do not know how to create an account can execute the guidelines below. Check if you have an active internet connection

How to create your Roku account?

  • it’s easy to create a Roku account and recommend you to navigate to the page You can provide the name, email id , password and confirm these data in the required space that appear on the screen
  • Once if the Roku account creation process complete, sign in and move to the channel store to activate the most entertaining Roku channels
  •  To create a Roku com link account pin, navigate to the pin preference tab and then choose the compatible settings
  • Choose a payment method for any channel purchase or transaction

How to link your Roku device?

  • From your mobile device, open a new webpage or URL – Note down the device linking code or activation code from the device display screen
  • Click on and you can view the space to enter the roku activation code. Cross-check to ensure that you type the code promptly in the exact space. Wait for a while until the device linking and activation process complete

Pair your Roku Remote

  • Open the Roku remote compartment
  • Identify the slots
  • Insert the batteries
  • Use the power button on your remote to turn on the devices
Link your Roku device

What are the common errors that popup as you activate the device?

It’s not a big deal to get rid of errors and let us help you to get rid of it as early as possible

  • Ensure that the code that you use for activation is valid. Get a new code pressing the star button of your remote. Reach our customer support executives to get a new activation code
  • An active and secure internet connection is essential for required and if the existing network that you use is not valid, switch to an alternate network
  • Perform a regular software update to make sure that software issues will not arise
  • Deactivate the Roku account and then create a new account visiting the page
  • Use a strong and secure password for your network.
  • Device restart or reset can also help and for the latest Roku streaming gadgets, soft, hard and factory reset options are available
  • Roku remote pairing errors will resolve if you fix and seat the batteries properly. suggest you to use Roku remote app to use your mobile device as Roku remote
  • Check the hardware connections to ensure that the cables are fixed properly
  • you have executed all the tips and if the errors remain, it’s always good to replace the device with a new one
  • Avoid connecting multiple devices to the same network as this can affect the signal strength
  • Not to mention, secure your Roku account setting a Roku com link account pin

Roku Channel Activation

How to activate and add your favorite Roku channels?

  • Use your Roku remote and click on the streaming channels tab
  • Wait until you are navigated to the channel store
  • Begin your search typing the channel name in the search tab
  • As the channel search results popup, select and then click on the add channel tab
  • Also note that for private channels, you require a private channel access code and for pay channels, it’s required to pay the subscription charges

As live streaming becomes the new trend, visit the app store to find the channel apps. Install the apps on your mobile device and you can now watch the programs any time activating a secure internet connection


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