What are the Steps For Connecting TCL Roku TV to the Internet?

TCL Roku TV Setup

TCL Roku TV Setup Instructions

The TCL Roku TV can deliver all your favorite content with over 500,000 films and TV series using an elegant, automatic interface in a sleek, new design. TCL is one of the best growing TV brands in North America, and it is a very own pride of delivers high-quality products including easy to use TCL Roku TV. The TCL has its Smart Remote with 20 buttons to make navigation easier.

It also has Smart mobile app that can make your Android or iOS device to work like the Roku remote with voice control, that can surf and install new channels, listen to TV audio using headphones on your mobile device.

What Is Included Inside Your Box?

  • The TCL Roku TV
  • TV Stand base
  • TV Stand column
  • Meta washer
  • Power connector
  • 2 AAA batteries
  • TV Remote
  • Screws for wall mounting
  • Quick start-up guide

Start This Process By Installing Your TCL TV

Make use of the following guidelines to install the TCL TV:

  • First, you must set up the stands on the TV and then keep the TV in the location you prefer.
  • Or else if you want a wall mount it, then perform it with the professionals.
  • After that, load the batteries into the TV remote with their terminals to the polarity indicators.

Next, you must look for the parts or the components:

  • Secondly, you must see the status LED and the IR receiver at the front of your TCL TV.
  • Moreover, at the rear of the TV, you must look for the connecting ports.

Now, proceed with the Basic cable connection.

  • Firstly, you have to fix the TCL TV to an Antenna or the subscribed cable TV service using a coaxial cable.
  • Further, start with linking the power connectors to the TV and then to the power supply.

Let us Startup with the First Time TCL Roku TV Setup!

TCL Roku TV Setup
TCL Roku TV Setup

The TCL Roku TV Setup

Follow the guidelines below to start up with first time TCL Roku TV setup:

  • First of all, power on the TCL TV to start up with the TCL Roku TV setup. 
  • And then, reach the Menu and choose Remote Control.
  • After that, choose the language that you wish to have on your TCL TV.
  • Next, choose your country in which you live.
  • Moreover, the TCL Roku TV setup must be done for Home Use.

Starting with TCL Roku TV Wireless Connection Setup

Proceed with the following instructions to connect the TCL Roku TV to your WiFi network:

  • And this shall start with the initial TCL Roku TV setup. 
  • Firstly, you must press the Home button on your remote t access the main screen.
  • Next, scroll down the screen and choose Settings.
  • After that, by holding the right arrow button on your remote, choose Network.
  • Secondly, choose the Wireless option alike pressing the right arrow button.
  • The TCL Roku TV will begin to look for the present wireless network services.
  • And will show you a list of wireless networks available.
  • Thirdly, scroll down, and choose your Home wireless network from the list displayed.
  • After select your network, hold the OK.
  • If the wireless network is secured, use the on-screen keypad to provide the network key.
  • Similarly, scroll down and highlight the Connect option and press the OK button.
  • Finally, once after submitting the network key, the TCL Roku TV will show the connection messages checking the process.
  • After connecting the TCL TV to the wireless network, it will look for some updates and download the latest software updates.

Try The Ethernet Connection Setup

Execute the following steps to connect the TCL TV to the network using an Ethernet LAN connection:

  • At first, at the rear of the TCL Roku TV, look for the Ethernet port.
  • After that, link an Ethernet cable from the Wireless router or the modem to the rear of your TCL Router.
  • Secondly, use the TCL Roku 4K TV remote and press the Home button to access the home screen.
  • Moreover, scroll down the list and choose the Settings option.
  • Similarly, hold the right button on your TCL TV remote and choose Network.
  • Further, hold the right arrow button and choose the Wired option.
  • Finally, this will check for the network connectivity and gets the network access.
  • The TCL Roku TV will establish a network connection on the TV screen.
  • And this will complete the initial setup of the TCL Roku TV setup. 

Let us Continue with the TCL Roku TV Setup

Then check to enable the following:

  • Proper audio control—> do this by reaching Settings.
  • After that, select System and choose Control other devices.
  • Finally, enable the ARC if the output audio is from TV to the soundbar or AVR using an HDMI cable.
  • Control Center—> navigate to settings,
  • And then select System and choose Control other Devices.
  • Moreover, now you must restart the TV and start with the activation process.
  • Now, you will get the Roku activation code on your TV screen.
  • Further, navigate to the link using a computer or mobile device.
  • Similarly, check the code and enter it into the text box and choose the submit option.
  • Next, you must link the Roku TV with your Roku account by signing in using the account credentials.
  • Then, choose OK and let us connect your devices.
  • Select Everything is plugged is on.
  • The on-screen prompt will ask you what device is linked to each of the TV ‘s ports.
  • Choose the type of device from the list that is shown.
  • Finally, at this point, the TCL Roku TV setup is complete with the above guidelines.
  • Now, you can press the OK button to complete the TCL Roku TV setup. 

If you have any queries or want further details regarding the TCL Roku TV setup, contact our technical expert squad.

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