Privacy policy

We gather the required data or information from the customers and the Privacy policies denote the data collection methods and the type of documents collected.

Suggest you to read understand and adhere to the privacy policies explained on our webpage before activating the service.

Let us provide you few updates on the Privacy policies and regulations here

What are the documents collected?

The documents that we collect from our customers include the Personal data such as the name, email ID and password.
The official information include credit card and bank account details will be used if you would like to make any transactions or activate the service. Besides, error reports, product manuals and location data is required . Errors reports will have the information about the reason and cause of the error and device manuals will have the product features, specifications and much more

Data collection methods

Customers can share the data or information either via Email, Phone calls or via chat


We use cookies to constantly monitor the website traffic and track the downloads and much more. Enable Cookies visiting the respective settings.


We do not share the data or information to the third party authorities without the consent of the users and all the data or information gathered will be maintained confidential.

Copy right and trademark regulations are incorporated to prevent the misuse.

Suggest you to visit our webpage or speak to our executives to know more about the policies , rules and regulations that we follow.