How to Use Roku Hotel and Dorm Connect Feature?

Roku Hotel and Dorm Connect

The Roku Hotel and Dorm Connect feature lets the user easily connect the Roku player to the internet wherever they are. For example, it can be a Hotel room, college dorms or other common areas that can ask for login through a web browser. This specification allows you to connect to the internet providers for a limited period.

Requirements for the setup

  • The Roku device that is done with complete activation
  • Power adapter
  • Roku TV remote
  • A computer or an Android device with the wireless capacity
  • A high-speed HDMI cable

Roku Hotel and Dorm Connect

Setup of Roku device

  • Firstly, link the Roku device to an HDMI cable
  • After that, link it to the HDMI input on the TV and most importantly a Roku streaming stick will not require a HDMI cable
  • Now, link the Roku to the power adapter
  • Secondly, after switching on the TV, opt for HDMI input to which the Roku device is linked
  • After that load the batteries into the Roku remote and make sure to pair the remote
  • Now, the Roku logo will be shown on screen

How to use Roku Hotel and Dorm Connect?

  • Firstly, long-press the Home button of the Roku remote
  • Scroll up and down to choose Settings
  • Secondly, choose Network and under network opt for Set up connection.
  • From there, choose the Wireless option
  • Similarly, a list of networks will appear on-screen
  • Select the network connection for the hotel or the college dorm
  • Once the Roku device gets access to the network, then choose I am at a hotel or college dorm
  • Finally, once the connection is started, proceed with the on-screen instructions on the television screen
  • Make sure to complete the remaining process on the computer or the Android device
  • Next, when the connection authentication is done, the Roku device will go back to the Network menu
  • And make sure that the network name matches with the network for the hotel or college dorm and check whether the connection status is shown

If the destination does not offer network connection, then try the below

  • Make use of the most reliable option like MiFi or Wi-Fi hotspot
  • And also tether from the Android device to build a Wi-Fi hotspot

How to resolve errors-Roku Hotel and Dorm Connect

The most important error that the user can face would the network connectivity issues.

Check for the following to troubleshoot the issue

  • Firstly, check for the connection by accessing the Settings and select Network and choose Check connection
  • If the wireless signal strength is poor, then the user can follow the on-screen guide to solve the issue
  • Make sure that the Roku device receives the network connection status
  • Secondly, check for the device connections like plugging into the correct HDMI port and selecting the same port on the TV screen
  • Thirdly, you can power start the Roku device to initiate Roku hotel and dorm connect.
  • Now, to restart the device, access the Settings on the Roku player
  • Under that, choose System restart.
  • And to restart the Roku TV, choose Settings
  • From there, choose system and Power and the opt for a System restart
  • And the user can find the error 016 while accessing a channel but there is no network connection
  • For that, choose Setup connection to head to the Network settings on the Roku device and proceed with the on-screen guidelines.
  • The error code 018 can appear when the Roku device recognizes poor internet speed
  • And make sure to check the ISP to view the speed of the network.

Sometimes the common password can consist of error, therefore check before giving the password to get the connection. Please let us know if your Roku hotel and dorm connect not working. Our toll-free number is +1-820-300-0630

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