Terms and condition

Accept and adhere to the terms and conditions, privacy policies and this is an important step before you access or use our service.

Terms and conditions denote the rules and regulations that we follow and it’s the legal bonding between the customers and website authorities.

Include the copyright and trademark regulations, chargeback policies, privacy policies and much more.


Our website streaming-device-setup.com is affiliated service provider and the information including the images and contents posted cannot be reused or shared with the Third-party organizations.

Not to mention, the articles posted on our webpage is for informational purpose and will have the information about our service


It’s our objective to offer the quality and timely support to the customers and include the device setup and activation, troubleshooting, account creation and much more.

Chargeback policies

Not to mention, the chargeback policies are followed if the customers who like to cancel any of the long term services offered.

Plan orders and service plans

Plan orders and service plans are collected from the customers and will be referred while proceeding to activate the service or as you change the service  plans.Email or web services are used to communicate the information to the customers .


Rules and regulations are followed to prevent the misuse or copyright issues.No data or information collected from the customers will be shared to the third party authorities.If shared it will be after the prior consent and permission of the users.If any issue arises between the website and users will be handled concerning the appropriate rules and regulations. Mis interpretation of the service will not be encouraged

User responsibility

Apart from the rules and regulations framed by the judicial authorities, it’s also the responsibility of the users to safeguard their personal and official information.


Any changes or updates that we make for the Terms and conditions, privacy policies will be posted on our webpage. Suggest you to read the information provided for more updates.Privacy policies being an important part of Terms and conditions explains the data collection methods and the type of data or information collected
Understand the Terms and conditions and then proceed to activate the services that you require